A bit of everything!

Hi everyone!

The reason why I have not been posting much lately is due to the fact that I was preparing for my ‘nerve-racking’ AS level exams. My head was fully blown with vast amounts of revision as well as worries. So yeah, you can probably guess that I am somewhat a worrier! Anyway, now that exams are over the celebrations can begin! 


This is a blog about my recent experiences and feelings about living with cerebral palsy (cp). I have mild cp, which means I can do pretty much everything but at a slower pace or slightly different to others. My right side is weaker, and may not always act quickly (especially when I want it to). When I was younger I had a limp in my walking but now you can hardly notice it – except when I’m tired. In the past I was faced with vast amounts of stares – and I still get some. This makes me feel very frustrated as there is nothing I can do about my disability and that’s what most people don’t understand. I will be happier if people would ask me questions (obviously in a polite manner) than to stare at me from top to bottom – that really hurts me.11037556_993670623994619_8407952340464195641_n

This type of cp means that when I am under pressure my movements are really difficult to control – personally, this is one of the most embarrassing things, as well as my startle reflex (which I absolutely hate). 

Don’t get me wrong – my life is not all negative! I’m glad that I have cerebral palsy (in a way) just because it’s given me the opportunity to meet very special people and to achieve some pretty amazing things – which I’ve had to push myself for! If I wouldn’t have cp, I wouldn’t be the same person, as I received incredible amounts of help and support all throughout my childhood and so this has led me to have an interest in helping people with disabilities – this makes me remember some amazing memories and achievements. I have also had the pleasure of meeting amazing and inspirational people through the CP Teens UK chat group on Facebook. Through this, I have had the opportunity to share experiences with people with the same condition and I have found lots of support (the group has given me a more positive view of the world and has picked me up when I felt down – thank you for that!).

That’s it for now – I would love to know what you think about my blog and please feel free to ask anything or suggest a topic for my next blog 🙂 



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