Aches that won’t go away…

The pain has come again. I’m sick of it.

 Last year I had a little accident in which I missed a step when I went on a zip-line. As I was strapped to a harness my body jerked up causing pain on my hip and therefore leg. I had x-rays done which didn’t seem to spot any problems. So I was referred to physio which was where they found that my pelvis was dislocated. There and then I had it manipulated and I was in no pain at all for he following few months. 🙂

About 3 weeks ago the pain started again, this time it was  worse –  in both hips and both legs. This time I went to a specialist physio.  My appointment was an hour long and I had a full physical examination. I was told that the reason behind my pain was a lack of exercise, bad posture as well as wearing the wrong type of shoes. So, I was given several exercises to do everyday in order to keep stretching and strengthening my hip and leg muscles.
I really don’t understand what is wrong with me because I am doing everything that I was told to – I walk everywhere, I’m doing the exercises everyday, I’m walking for an hour once a week and I’ve bought the proper walking shoes which were recommended by the physio. It’s a real pain – both physically and mentally! 😦
I wake up in pain and go to sleep in pain. It’s so horrible!
And what’s even worse is , I went to the doctor’s today and I got no help at all. I was told that there is nothing that can be done. I felt really sad and angry as I can’t take the pain anymore. I’m also worried about my future as I will be going to uni this September and the pain will make uni even harder. Also, my parents have been saying that I am too young to be experiencing great amounts of pain and I cannot be taking painkillers all the time. Can anyone relate to this? I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any recommendations of what you do to try and ease the pain.

6 thoughts on “Aches that won’t go away…

  1. I personally haven’t tried it but I know a lot of people in the muscular dystrophy community who experience a lot of pain as well as several of my friends have tried acupuncture and said it helped. Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. That’s so frustrating when the doctors tell you they can’t do anything too! Makes it all so much worse. Sending positive thoughts for the pain to go away soon.

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    • I might try that if nothing else works. It is so frustrating right now I am just continuing to call different doctors and specialists to see if they can at least tell me what’s wrong. Thank you, it means a lot. xx


  2. I’m so sorry you are in so much pain without anyone having a clue how to help. Your parents are right in a way as you don’t want to get a painkiller addiction (also they aren’t great for gut either) and it isn’t right someone so young should be struggling so much. Hope you get some relief soon even if it’s just for a day xx

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  3. Sorry to hear you’re struggling. My advice stay away from lots of different assessments and opinions. Pain is complex and poorly understood. However, pain that extends beyond 3-6 months is very unlikely to be related to structural change (injury) and more to adaptations in your nervous system. For good information check out ‘explain pain’ book or the understanding pain in under 5 minutes video on YouTube.
    Good luck!

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