New Chapter

Last month I began a new journey… Moving to another country, making new friends and having to fend for myself. There were so many tears and so many doubts – at one point I was seriously considering going back home with my parents. But I told myself to be strong and carried on…

Now I can honestly say that was the best thing I ever did, I have gained so much in just a month:

  • I have learnt how to cook – Although I take a long time to cook (as I find certain things hard to do) I still mange to make some nice meals which I never imagined making.
  • I’m becoming much more confident – I now have more self-confidence and do not let what others think get in my way. I have also become more open and started to break away from my shyness by speaking to different people, professionals and asking questions.


Life is becoming much harder. I used to have days where I had no pain at all. But now I am in constant pain everyday; it’s even got to the point where walking requires much more effort. I am tiring much more easily. My whole body just feels so tight and stiff all the time.

Everything just requires more time, energy and effort … but at the end of the day one way or another it all gets done.


Sleep is now my best friend… as it takes away all the pain and relaxes all the tension in my muscles.



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